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Ordinance No. 00528

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AN ORDINANCE of the City Council of the City of Lakewood, Washington, amending the Sister Cities program requirements to reflect current practices and organizational status.

WHEREAS, the citizens of Lakewood have demonstrated a desire to learn more about the people of other cities throughout the world and enhance international communication and understanding; and

WHEREAS, the citizens of Lakewood wish to encourage educational, cultural, trade, economic development, tourism, technical, governmental and other kinds of exchanges to help acquaint themselves with the diverse peoples of the world; and

WHEREAS, the City Council wish to provide citizens of Lakewood with opportunities to give service to and derive benefit from community projects of international scope; and

WHEREAS, each of Lakewood's sister city relationships should be based upon common interest and characteristics important to both Lakewood and the sister city;

WHEREAS, on June 15, 1998, the City of Lakewood adopted Ordinance 175 establishing a Sister City Committee to promote the above objectives; and that Ordinance is being updated herein to reflect current practices and organizational status of the program, including the fact that the Sister Cities Committee has since been granted non-profit tax-exempt status under 26 USC 501(C) (3) and has been renamed the Lakewood Sister Cities Association;


             Section 1.         Lakewood Sister Cities Association.  The Lakewood Sister Cities Association will continue the program pursuant to this Ordinance that was commenced by the Sister Cities Committee.

             Section 2.         Duties and Responsibilities.  The general duties and responsibilities of the Lakewood Sister Cities Association shall be as follows:

A.  The powers and duties of the Lakewood Sister Cities Association generally shall be to recommend to the City Council the policies and objectives for the overall sister cities program.

B.   Develop and recommend to the City Council criteria, objectives and guidelines for the selection of sister cities.

C.  Plan, develop, promote, and coordinate sister city program activities, including but not limited to visits of individuals and exchanges of delegations; educational and informational exchanges and events with sister city communities, their nations and their cultures.

E.   Review proposals from individual associations or other institutions for joint programs and assist in effective coordination of such activities, when applicable.

F.   Conduct fund raising for sister city activities and programs.

             Section 3.         Association Membership. The membership of the Lakewood Sister Cities Association shall be as follows:            

A.  In order to assure that sister city affiliations genuinely reflect the community and are managed by citizens with the willingness to participate to the task, there shall be no fixed membership to the Lakewood Sister Cities Association and the number of members should be dictated by the number of people who are interested in sister city functions or activities, with the understanding that not all such members will be interested or involved with all such functions or activities.  The members should not be restricted to only residents of the City.

B.   There is not a need for any formal appointment to the Lakewood Sister Cities Association, nor would any membership be tied to a particular term of office.

             Section 4.         Association Organization. The organization of the Lakewood Sister Cities Association shall be as follows:

A.  Members shall organize by electing from the members of the Association a president, vice-president, and such other officers as may be determined by the Association.

B.   It shall be the duty of the president to preside at all meetings.  The vice-president shall perform this duty in the absence of the president.

             Section 5.         Association Meetings. The Lakewood Sister Cities Association  shall set its own meeting dates and shall give notice of such meeting in compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act of the State of Washington.

             Section 6.         Subcommittees of the Association. The Lakewood Sister Cities Association may organize into subcommittees in order to achieve its purpose.  The chairpersons of these subcommittees shall be members of the Association.  Additional persons may be recruited to serve on the subcommittees.

             Section 7.         Financial Support. The City of Lakewood may provide financial support from its annual operating budget to the Lakewood Sister Cities Association for its work and activities.  The Association may also accept,  raise and maintain separate  funds for its work and activities.

             Section 8.         Reports and Recommendations to City. The Lakewood Sister Cities Association shall report to the City Council not less than once per year and more often as requested by the City Council regarding its work and activities

             Section 9.         Tax-Exempt Status. The Lakewood Sister Cities Association shall maintain its current non-profit tax-exempt status under 26 USC 501(C) (3).

             Section 10.       Severability. If any portion of this Ordinance or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of the Ordinance or the application of the provision to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected.

             Section 11.       Effective Date. That this Ordinance shall be in full force and effect five (5) days after publication of the Ordinance Summary.

           ADOPTED by the City Council this 18th day of January, 2011.



Douglas G. Richardson, Mayor


Alice M. Bush, CMC, City Clerk

Approved as to Form:

Heidi Ann Wachter, City Attorney